This navigation menu needs a standards mode-eliciting doctype. Dressing up the menu further is best done by confining the dress up code to the <a href>s. That way, you can easily get a cross-browser color-switching hover effect that includes a text color change. See the source code.

Do keep in mind that if you are going to add padding and border to the <a>s, to adjust the width of the <li>s accordingly.

This code has been tested thoroughly, in all major browsers and browser versions, from IE6 to the latest Chrome version, and under all operating systems. If it doesn't work anymore once you implemented it in your website, you must have made a mistake. To avoid that, start from scratch, following all the steps in the tutorial, and make sure to test every change or addition. If a step doesn't go well, check for code errors with the HTML validator and the CSS validator (new tabs). Good luck!

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